Where are all the categories and items?

There is need to register and log in. This is free of charge. No need to use your real name. You just need a valid emailadress. VIP status is required for the most item additionally.

How to become VIP?

Contact us, to get this status. There is need to have at least one order placed and paid before. To check your status: Log in and check "customer group" on right side of main page. 


VOD, DVD,  SFD, HD-Video what is it and what do I need to play?


VOD Video-On-Demand-Service


Video for instant download. No software or skills required. They are wmv-coded and run automatically in Mediaplayer.


SFD Still pictures for download


Download the complete pictures series. No software required.





They run


- in each Computer DVD-Drive (you need just a DVD-Player Software, Freeware)


- in all Standalone-DVD-Player´s.


- i will automatically code for the country you live



High-Definition-Video, full HDTV-Quality 1920x1080 pixel, Windows Media Coded or MP4

No software or skills required.  If your computer or smartphone can not play, install a player like VLC Player https://www.videolan.org

UHD  or 4K

Ultra-High-Definition-Video, 3840x2160 pixel, MP4  X265 coded. Fast computer or smartphone required for smooth viewing.  If your computer or smartphone can not play, install a player like VLC Player https://www.videolan.org


How to pay?


- Credit Card: Worldwide. Dowloads will be enabled within a few hours.


- "Sofortueberweisung" Possilble for german bank accounts only!


- EU- Standard-Bank Transfer


- Check/Money order. Send check, money order or cash to Michael Manger, Oehrbachstrasse 55b, 97705 Burkardroth, Germany.

-  PAYPAL:  Direct check out via Paypal is not possible. If you want to pay via PAYPAL, check out using "Check/Money order" option.  We will send a payment request via PayPal afterwards.  

- Bitcoin/Bitcoin-Cash/Ethereum: Check out using "Check/Money order" or buy a voucher and send the funds to a adress listed in Imprint here.

Contact us if all these payments are not ok for you and we will find a solution for you!


I did pay, where is my order?


Log in the shop, check "my account" to check your order status.
Please give us a chance to process your order before you ask. Requests cause a lot of paperwork here and a additional delay.
If you are using anti-spam software or junk-filter, please allow emails from hairmedia.de

PayPal-Orders will be ready for download within a few minutes at daytime, Credit Card Orders need to be processed, this may take a few hours .

When sending cash or check or money order: Please give us 1-2 days to process.


PayPal Payment does not work, you get a blank site at paypal

Your browser does not accept Cookies. Use Firefox browser (download here) or (when using Internet Explorer) change the setting in "internet options"

PayPal Site is in German only


Log in or register at PayPal.com first. Site should be in your language. Open my site in a new browser window.
If still in german:
- log in at www.paypal.com
- go to "Mein Profil" (right on top)
- go to "Spracheinstellungen" (in left row) and select your language


shop does not take my password


Please sign in first. Your membership data from gallery system are NOT automatically valid for shop system.

How to get access to download orders


Log into your accout in the shopsystem, check "your account" (right on top) a
You will see your order and your orderstatus there. Click "view" You will also find the downloadlink there. It is disabled until payment is completed (marked with red cross).


Download Problems


Video play, but no download

- change the settings in your browser


Downloadlink not activated (Red Cross):
- It will be enabled after payment process. Immediately if you used PayPal, within a few hours if you use Credit Card or Moneybookers.
- It is valid 5 days and you have 3 trials.
If expired, contact me and I will set up again. Let me know Order ID.

File corrupted:
Happens when your internetconnection is not stable or server is too busy. Also firewalls or antivirus software may cause problems. If 1st attempt fails, use a Download Manager like GetItRight. Free version here: http://www.getright.com/get.html
Do not try to download again without fixing the bug, remember, there are 3 attempts only.  If you lost all 3 chances, mail me and I can enable again if you attach Order ID and a error report.

Try to disable screensaver in case of trouble.

If you cant manage
Feel free to order DVD or CD. I will refund download price afterwards.